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Blueray blueberries

The Blueray Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Blueray’) is a northern Highbush blueberry variety. This specific variety was developed by Michigan State University in the late 1970s.

Blueray is an early-midseason blueberry variety that ripens a few days before Bluecrop. The Blueray Blueberry is a new hybrid berry that was created by crossing two existing varieties of blueberries. This new berry has many benefits over its predecessors, including a higher concentration of antioxidants and a more vibrant flavor. The blueray blueberry is also larger and firmer than other blueberries. The dark-blue berries, with sweet, high-quality flavor, make Blueray an excellent choice for the home gardener.

The bush is vigorous, productive, and winter-hardy. It grows to a height of 4–6 feet. Blueray is widely planted throughout the Northeast and Midwest. The foliage has beautiful pink touches early as the leaves emerge and then fantastic fall color. This is one edible shrub that deserves to be added to the ornamental garden.

Blueray performs particularly well in areas with hot summers or very cold winters, and produces high quality berries with outstanding dessert flavor.

In the spring, Blueray blueberry bushes have cute bell-shaped blossoms that turn a rosy shade of pink before turning white and then becoming juicy, delicious berries. Blueray blueberries will be ready to harvest midseason, typically in July.

These blueberries are firm with a very sweet, high-quality flavor, perfect addition to baked goods and desserts.
Blueray blueberries

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