Thursday, October 30, 2008

Health Benefit of Blueberries on Eyesight

Health Benefit of Blueberries on Eyesight
For centuries, blueberries have been esteemed in folklore, both as foods and as medicines. Native Americans consumed the leaves, roots, and fruits of high bush blueberries to cure certain aliments.

Ten years ago, Japanese researchers demonstrated the usefulness of blueberries in improving weak eyesight and lessening eye fatigue. Majority of Japanese people were aware of the eyesight benefits derived form blueberry consumption.

Europeans have long consumed bilberries, a variety of blueberries, as part of their diet, especially for eye health. A pigment in bilberries contains anthocyanins, the potent antioxidants that are thought to contribute to eye health. During World War II, pilots in the Royal Air Force ate bilberries. The pilot found that the blueberries helped their night vision when they conducted nighttime bombings.

The wild variety of blueberries harvested commercially in Maine and eastern Canada showed the greatest amount of antioxidant activity. Those berries are smaller than cultivated ones. The flavor of the wild berries was found to be more intense, and the nutrient content wild blueberries (without added sugar) matched the nutrient content of fresh blueberries.

Investigations of blueberry to eye health have found that blueberry consumption increase circulation of the capillaries of the eyes, which reduces oxidation in these tissues, this action benefits eyesight. It is thought to be especially helpful in preventing diabetic retinopathy, as well as night blindness, macular degeneration and cataracts.

Constituents in blueberries also are thought to strengthen all other capillaries, arteries, and veins and to reduce capillary fragility and permeability in conditions such as varicose veins. Also, it is thought that blueberries inhibit enzymes that may promote cancer; reduce histamine production and act as anti-inflammatory nutrient to connective tissue.
Health Benefit of Blueberries on Eyesight
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