Monday, July 25, 2022

Blueberry plant

There are four types of blueberries: highbush, lowbush, hybrid half-high, and rabbiteye. The most commonly planted blueberry is the highbush.

Highbush blueberries are an upright bush with a relatively shallow, fibrous root system and woody canes. Fruit is borne on buds formed during the previous growing season in late summer.

Blueberry bushes have pointed, oblong leaves that are leathery to the touch and turn a brilliant red color in the fall. The flowers appear in clusters of small, white, bell-shaped blooms in the late spring, leading to deliciously edible berries that ripen from green to a deep purple-blue.

Blueberries are low-maintenance plants, but do require the right conditions to grow. Blueberries have shallow roots and should be planted in loose, well-drained soil with an organic matter content higher than 3%. Organic matter can be increased by using cover crops before planting or incorporating peat or pine needles into the soil at planting, as well as annual mulching.

Blueberry plants grow slowly, and they may not seem to get much bigger from year to year. It takes a blueberry bush about 10 years to reach mature size, but this also means they will live a long, long time.

It will be 2 or 3 years before start getting large harvests, but it is definitely worth the wait.
Blueberry plant

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