Monday, August 8, 2016

Blueberry juice processing

Blueberry juice is generally marketed as a blend with other juices. Blueberry juice preparation can be more difficult than other berry juices due to their high level of mucilaginous material.

Blueberry juice can be made from both fresh and frozen berries. The washed blueberries are heated in a jacketed stainless steel kettle with agitation. When the berries reach 82 ° C, they are put through a screw juice expresser with appropriate screens to separate the juice from other parts of the fruit can be used.
Cold express extracted juice has a light blue color and delicate flavor, although hot press enzyme treated juice has a deep purple-blue color and stronger flavor.

The juice can be further clarified with bentonite and gelatin, filtered and pasteurized at 85 ° C for 90 seconds.

Single strength blueberry juice is about 8-12 ° Brix.
Blueberry juice processing

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